Evis lives. And lives. And lives.

The Sole Proprietor read about this event in the Friday papers. The unveiling of a mural at 16th and Dolores, some few blocks from the 16th & Mission BART station. So he went.

This was the first time he'd done any street shooting since his class in Ojai and it gave him an excuse to see 16th & Mission again.

Twenty years ago he knew this street well. There's a movie theater that played artsy fartsy films that he and his artist buddies liked. Movies, you understand, falling somewhere not far behind alcohol and sex on the scale of desireable things.

The dedication was held in a parking lot across from the mural. Maybe a hundred, hundred and fifty people, he assumed a church group, eating a home prepared meal. Adults and kids of every persuation.

These shots show the same lighting problems. But these pictures along with others he's shot this month are teaching the Sole Proprietor how to manage light. He's interested in people's faces and expressions. Everything else can be underexposed, out of focus and off the frame. All the better, in fact.

People didn't know who he was. Could have been a photographer from one of the local papers. Could have been an amateur shooting for pleasure. Either way, they didn't mind the attention. This was a 15 minute moment of fame for the participants and photographers, they knew, played a proper part.

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